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Dodgeball – If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.

I’ve taken pictures for soccer games and I can figure out where the action is going to be after awhile. I bet if I had to take pics for a basketball game, I could figure it out because I watch these sports. Dodgeball. Dodgeball is a whole other world. I have the hardest time with this sport. Maybe its because there are six or seven balls being used and the action is all over the place. I have not been able to catch the players that have jumped up doing the splits trying to avoid a point blank shot. Here are some of my efforts for Joimo Dodgeball league. It made me want a longer 2.8 lens… then I come to my senses.


Reading instead of Clicking the shutter…

I love photography. I especially like to look at other people’s work. I’m just not that creative. So I have a harder time coming up with stuff for subject matter. Traveling is the easy out, because I love traveling and everything is new. To learn and to get inspired, I read a lot of books. I think that I read too much instead of going out there and seeing what works and what doesn’t for me.

Books that help:

Reading / Learning

Thankfully, a friend was a willing to let me photograph her and her children. It gave me a chance to try out my flash. I wish I could have done better by her, but this is what we came up with:

MamaOnDaGo Blog

Twilight Fan



So I seem to be addicted to creating new blogs. This one is for Aminus3. I guess I thought I would try out a new blog, but that is dedicated to photography. It’s kind of like flickr but on a smaller scale (at least to me). I started it off with a photo that was taken a year ago. Oh well.

Here is the pic I used:

leaving San Nicolas Mirador


Bea’s Birthday at Island Cove, Cavite, Philippines

My niece’s birthday party was not going to be held until April 24, but we had dinner together at Island Cove on her real birthday. It is a resort, night club, and restaurant. You can eat out over the water. Here is a shot I got of the restaurant.

Island Cove, Cavite, Philippines


So far in the Philippines…

I’m here in the Philippines in April because my niece’s birthday is in April and that would be a good way to introduce her to the family here. A birthday party. The only thing is that it is probably one of the hottest times of the year. Also, it’s an election year so there are all sorts of the stickers, posters, and whatever else you can think of everywhere. Here are some shots I have taken from within a van as I have not had the where-with-all to step outside and take pictures (other than family members).

An example of jeepney art:

20100415-DSC_4407 copy

Some shots of the political media:

I like the guy hanging off the cables in the background:

20100415-DSC_4404 copy

20100415-DSC_4400 copy


Critical Mass in San Diego

I had no idea what Critical Mass was until my co-workers started to talk about it.  If you haven’t heard, it’s an event to raise awareness of cycling… either go out and ride, or have some respect for the cyclists on the road.  It happens the last Friday of every month in cities all over the world.   But this event goes for about 30 miles all over San Diego, with the bikes taking over the streets.  I’m in no way ready for that.  But it is a very cool photo opportunity.  It’s very entertaining to see all the different kind of bikes.  Fixies, regular street bikes, mountain bikes, double deckers, and some that resemble U.F.O.’s with all the lights.  I think the next time I’m able to attend, I’ll take more pictures of the different bicycles out there prior to everyone riding out.  Here in San Diego, the meeting place is at Balboa Park.

My bike that has only ridden a few miles of Critical Mass:

Downtube Nova

A Hi-Bike or double decker as I like to call it:

Crazy Bike!

An in front of the Museum of Man while riding out on Laurel St:

Balboa Park and the Museum of Man Blur

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